Symbolic computing, in contrast to numerical computing, is computation with variables and constants according to the rules of algebra for manipulation and evaluation of mathematical expressions. Computer-based mathematical analysis has the advantages of elimination of human errors and enhancement of accuracy during calculation by using the symbolic computing methods and computer software incorporating known algorithms and mathematical formulas.

MathSymbolica is an add-on package that facilitates symbolic computation in Mathematica. It contains over 1,000 functions and its own interpreter language for notation, manipulation and evaluation of various mathematical expressions. The package is designed to replace hand-written calculation with symbolic computation and software-based automation. It has various features for compactness and versatility to handle complex problems that are not directly solvable with the Mathematica kernel functions. This approach provides a powerful platform for streamlined manipulation of mathematical expressions while affording seamless integration with the technical computing environment of Mathematica. Among the advantages are good readability, enhanced speed and accuracy, focusing on concepts and principles rather than tedious, boring, time-consuming and error-prone hand-written calculation.

MathSymbolica is a commercial software, which is being sold by DahanTech, Korea. 15-day free trial is available. For pricing and other info, please contact:

Jiwon Hwang
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